Back to School with Writers Fusion  

By now, you’ve seen the commercials: "It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Maybe for parents who are ready to get their children out of the house and back to being semi-functional members of society. But, for teachers, Back-to-School ignites those anxiety dreams, you know, the ones where you’re standing in front of your classroom naked. Completely unprepared for the school year, maybe you can’t even find your classroom. After all, back-to-school is more than just shopping for new clothes. As teachers, this is the time to prepare your lesson plans and create an imaginative learning environment for your students. 
Writers Fusion is here to help! The Writers Fusion programtakes your students on a journey through their imagination, while teaching them sentence structure, grammar, spelling and vocabulary. While hitting many of the core standards, your students will have a finished novel by the end of the year, and will have reached the educational milestones, preparing them for testing and for their future. 
For a limited time, we’re offering the Writers Fusion program at a $100 discount. As teachers, we know the financial struggle you’re in, and we want to help you prepare to have the best year yet while keeping you under budget. So, buy that new outfit, hang up your motivational posters, and teach your students how to write with Writers Fusion.



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