How Academic Writing Can Help With Creative Writing 

Academic writing and creative writing produce very different outcomes, but you can apply what you learned in your high school essay class to your novel and write a succinct yet interesting story, and it may even help you stay on topic. 
The common format to teach students to write essays is the five-paragraph structure: Introduction, body paragraph, body paragraph, body paragraph, conclusion. This can be an effective method for starting your novel: Act one – Introduction, Act two – Body of the story, Act three – Conclusion. While this is an oversimplified explanation when it comes creative writing, the basic concept is the same. It would look something like this:  
Act one: Introduce your characters, plot and conflict.
Act two: The characters develop. The plot takes twists and turns as your characters react to, and grow through the conflict.
Act three: The story wraps up and loose ends are tied. 
While your conclusion, or Act three, is not detailed in the introduction or Act one, as you would in essay writing, you can certainly leave hints along the way, leading up to the big reveal. 
Another helpful tool that we can take from academic writing is the outline. Before sitting down to write, it is important to know the basic ideas of your story: Characters, plot, conflict, etc. Write out your characters names, appearance, background, jobs, etc. Outline the basic plot and map out how your characters will navigate the story. This will help you stay on track if you get lost in your story. 
Unlike essay writing, you do not need to follow your outline to the letter. Creative writing offers lots of opportunities to change the direction of your idea as the story develops. An outline merely keeps track of your ideas so you do not forget important points for your story. 
Use what you learned in your high school and college essay writing classes to start your novel. Follow the formal rules to produce creative writing pieces. For a more detailed explanation, and step-by-step instructions on novel writing, download Writers Fusion’s Novel Writing Workbook, and get started today!



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