How Writers Fusion is good for the Every Student Succeeds Act

Last week, the Senate passed the Every Student Succeeds Act, which is legislation designed to fix the problems with No Child Left Behind. Under the new law, "statewide reading and math exams would still be required for Grade 3-8 plus once in high school but it would diminish the high stakes associated with tests at under-performing schools.”* 
The White House released this chart explaining the fixes to the legislation: 
This is good news for teachers, students, writers and readers. Now is the time to bring back creativity to the classroom, and Writers Fusion can help! With the Writers Fusion program, students learn how to write through collaboration, peer critiques and a guided workbook that helps them formulate their ideas, grow their characters and create a world out of their own imagination. And there’s no testing involved!  
If we can, once again, include the arts in education, we can grow students into thoughtful, analytical and well-rounded human beings. 
For more on the Every Student Succeeds Act, the White House released a series of questions and answers that can be found here.


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