Writers Fusion at the Jaipur Literature Festival 

Writers Fusion introduced itself to the world at the Jaipur Literature Festival in Boulder, CO. Writers Fusion is a step-by-step program that will inspire eager students to write a novel either by themselves or in groups in one school year. And what better place to debut our original curriculum than at a 2-day international festival full of acclaimed authors, aspiring authors and literature  enthusiasts. writersfusionbooth
JLF Boulder is "[f]ree and accessible to everyone, rich with words and ideas, the festival invites us to join together in examining the human experience through the reflections and imaginations of distinguished contemporary authors from around the world.” It was the festival’s first attempt at crossing the ocean and bringing the rich tradition of Zee Jaipur Literature Festival to the Americas. 
JLF BoulderJLF began in 2006 and "is now regarded as a cultural catalyst within India and around the world, exposing audiences to a constant flow of ideas. Featuring live music sessions and interactive workshops, the Festival provides a space to dare, dream and imagine.” Writers Fusion wanted to work with JLF because as a free festival, JLF has the potential to reach anyone who enjoys reading. And like JLF, Writers Fusion wishes to engage a large audience in the wonders of writing.  The only three things one needs to write are a pencil, a piece of paper and an idea. Writers Fusion wants to cultivate these ideas all over the world. Who says you need a computer to write? Not Writers Fusion! 
If you know a child who would benefit from the growth and knowledge that Writers Fusion provides to students, then help get us into your schools. For more information visit writersfusion.com or contact info@writersfusion.com.  
A child who can write can do anything! 


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