Writers Fusion at the VAHomeschoolers Conference 

This past weekend, Writers Fusion participated in the VAHomeschoolers Conference and Resource Fair in Glen Allen, Virginia. This was an exciting and important fair for Writers Fusion as we discovered another method for teaching aspiring writers. 
Initially our program was designed for high school classrooms, as it brings together hands-on learning, a collaborative environment and access to industry specialists. But, after talking with homeschoolers and the parents who teach them, we learned that our Novel Writing Workbook and Journal is perfect for the homeschool environment. 
While working through the Writers Fusion Workbook and Journal, either alone or part of a group, students learn about grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice and structure, just to name a few of the skills kids discover through writing. Everything that is covered in an English class can be learned through the Writers Fusion program. 
Not only did we discover a new use for our program, we discovered kids who are smart and eager to learn! The level of maturity these kids demonstrated was impressive. Most of the aspiring writers at the conference had already started their novels. Writers Fusion’s goal is to help you finish it. There is no better feeling than completing a book. Forever, you will have a finished product that you can read and share, and know that you put in the effort to complete a long and sometimes arduous project. 
Here’s how Writers Fusion can help you finish: We take you through the steps of character development, story arc and help outline your story. If you get lost along the way, the exercises you’ve completed will help you get back on track so you can complete your novel. 
The homeschooling environment is a perfect fit for this program, as the flexibility of time and curriculum exist so that kids can work on their art. See you next year, VAHomeschoolers Conference.



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