The 2011 Bob Costas grant for the innovative teaching of writing sponsored by the College Board.  

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"Writers Fusion is the perfect combination of great teaching and creative endeavor.  Three authors with a lot of experience have found a way to encourage young writers to be more ambitious, more collaborative, more dynamic in the writing of real novels.  At the same time, they have created a model of encouragement for teachers across the nation.  Who says a high school student can’t be a professional writer?  Not these three!  WF is destined to become a major national contribution to both literature and education."
- David Mason, Colorado Poet Laureate, Colorado College Professor and award winning author.

"The Writers Fusion project offers a grassroots writing initiative created by dedicated public school educators with lots of street ‘cred’ and lots of moxie.  It offers exciting new possibilities for writing teachers everywhere who want a fresh well-conceived approach that can help students engage with the written word.  And the enthusiasm is infectious.  If only such a project had been around during my own high school days – I would have taken writing more seriously decades earlier!”
- Mark Todd, Western State Writing Professor and published author.
Lafayette, Colorado | 202.550.0068