This Kit includes the Writers Fusion Manual, two Student Workbooks developed to assist in setting up the first and second years of the program, and an online video that shows students proceeding through a year of the program.

Instructors’ manual

Writers Fusion Manual is a user-friendly guide to starting a student based novel-writing project that provides students the required skills to write a novel and achieve publication in the book market.  The manual is designed to stand out from the mundane instructional texts that collect dust on book shelves in school districts around the country.

The Writers Fusion Manual uses a stream-lined approach with helpful hints to provide step-by-step instructions while remaining accessible and light in tone.  Filled with amusing, touching, and always insightful anecdotes, each chapter emphasizes lessons learned that will allow teachers and instructors to benefit from the setbacks, challenges, and, of course, successes experienced during the Writers Fusion team’s first years of operation

The Manual provides guidance in networking with professionals which is essential to the success of Writers Fusion.  One factor that sets Writers Fusion apart from other writing programs is its focus on informing students about the realities of publication and the correct professional protocol expected of aspiring authors when approaching the publishing industry.  

By reaching out to professionals in the community, including authors, agents, editors, marketers, and publishers, and inviting them in to interact with teen authors, Writers Fusion students gain powerful insights into their local writing community and learn the business side of the process.  These experiences have proven to be strong motivating influences when it comes to meeting deadlines and maintaining the self-discipline necessary to complete novel length manuscripts.  The Writers Fusion Manual explores the networking needed to accomplish such endeavors in the classroom.

This Manual:

  • walks instructors through basic steps of setting up the program beginning with guidance on the number of manageable students
  • explores the environment and tone necessary for maximum production, establishing a "Code of Ethics” and "writing norms” for groups
  • explains basic approaches to ideas and brainstorming, hooks, first chapters
  • discusses the importance of networking with local professionals – agents, authors, marketers, and publishers –
  • and the importance of attending venues where contacts can be found
  • looks at dealing with adversity among writers working in groups and the importance of support and motivation
  • suggests designing end of the year contest and student achievement celebrations
  • emphasizes the qualities of strong writing through exercises, revision and journaling
  • encourages instructors to look to the future – next year’s crop of imaginative students

Student Workbooks

Two Student Workbooks are the nuts and bolts of the writing and publishing process.  Filled with exercises, best practices, insightful writing advice, and a walk-through of the publication process, the Writers Fusion Student Workbooks (beginner and advanced) take prospective authors on a journey that develops organization, voice, style, editing and revision while simultaneously informing the students about the publishing world with focused practice on pitching, loglines, synopses, query letters, and marketing.  

The Writers Fusion Student Workbooks contain plenty of helpful guidance that can easily be incorporated into any creative writing curriculum and offer accommodating exercises for analysis of literature, broadening its appeal to budget conscious school districts.  

In addition, these Writers Fusion products will serve as models, taking instructors through a series of clearly planned steps fusing life-long creative writing skills into motivated secondary students.  This will allow them to approach the publishing industry with confidence and a plan for success, now and into the future.

Students’ Manual - Beginners

The student’s manual
  • leads students through initial start-up phases
  • asks students to adopt team norms (for groups) and to journal their goals and projects
  • asks students to pitch stories to their peers and accept feedback
  • tasks student to spend time fleshing out their characters
  • continues with direct exercises using dialogue, back story,  timelines for effective character control and
  • moves into areas of concern: setting, sensory details, story setup, hooks
  • uses a Media Kit to work on query letters, novel summaries and pitches
  • asks students to think about periodic professional presentations and to journal their impressions and take notes
  • will be a record of student writing, thoughts and questions related to their ongoing progress

Students’ Manual - Advanced

The Advanced Workbook is meant to be used by Writers Fusion advanced students and others interested in exercises for the writing process.  This workbook goes into greater detail of the revision process and is divided into three sections:
Part One – Advanced Revision
  • asks writers to concentrate on voice, tone, audience, mood, style, dialogue, points of view, atmosphere and figurative language
Part Two – Structure
  • offers ways to structure the novel including: Three Act structure, the Hero’s Journey
  • use of Archetypes, Frames, Symbolism, Flashbacks and subplots
  • includes checklists and notes for character goals, motivation and conflicts
Part Three – Social Networking, Marketing and Publishing
  • Examines alternatives to traditional publishing and marketing to include: Personal Websites, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Self publishing, eBooks, Inside Pages, and Book Covers.
This manual includes space and opportunities for journaling to examine progress, ideas and whatever is relevant to the process of advanced revision.
Advanced Workbook exercises:
  • allow the writer to think more deeply about her/his project
  • encourages the writer to tighten Plot, Characterization, Dialogue, Authorial Voice and Story Structure


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