Offering students a way out of the Drill-and Kill process that is so much a part of our school curriculum and into a time of self-determination, self-exploration and creativity.

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Writers Fusion is an exciting, grassroots program that offers a fresh approach to teaching writing skills.  Writers Fusion teaches high school students how to write novel length manuscripts through step by step instruction with a thorough understanding of the publishing process.  Equally exciting, the Writers Fusion program is accessible to students and writers at any level who wish to hone their craft.

The Writers Fusion Manual and Student Workbooks guide secondary teachers, creative writing instructors and home schooling parents in assisting and motivating students through the challenges of writing novel length manuscripts and the pursuit of publication in today’s markets.  The mission of Writers Fusion is to promote young authors to write to completion , edit each others work, revise extensively, learn the business of writing, and reach for publication.

Writers Fusion develops the writing efforts of young authors and at the same time encourages them to explore their vast potential in a dynamic and creative environment.  The Writers Fusion Manual and Student Workbooks are essential tools to assist in developing student writers’ raw talent.  The program uses a simple yet powerful approach to creative writing instruction and the pursuit of publication by secondary students.  The untapped potential for young authors is virtually limitless and Writers Fusion is a proven program that leads them to success.

Past notable accomplishments in the YA market by teenage authors include S.E. Hinton who started writing The Outsiders at the age of 15.  The book was published when she was 17 and has sold over 4 million copies.  Hinton’s novel remains in print and is often cited as one of the most popular YA novels of all time.
Zoe Trope’s memoir, Please Don’t Kill the Freshman, was first published when she was 14 years old.  She ended up with a reported $100,000 dollar advance when a big publishing house expressed interest.  Trope’s raw "voice” is a perfect example of what a teen author can accomplish while immersed in the "now” of the current teen experience, something an older author has trouble with due to age and environment.
Christopher Paolini began writing Eragon, the first of a fantasy book series (all best sellers) in the eighth grade.  To date his books have collectively sold over 20 million copies, proving that teen authors have made an impression on the landscape of fiction and publishing.  The movie rights and popularity of the films among teens illustrates the profitability of such endeavors – estimated in the millions of dollars.

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