Students will experience the joy of writing their own stories and having a ready audience for their ideas. There are no rules, just infinite possibilities as characters, archetypes, motivation and plot lines are manipulated and stitched together to form the novel.  In this sense each is a unique artistic expression of the author.

The exercises throughout the Student Workbook and Journal are meant to strengthen the writer’s understanding of available possibilities.  Once a writer is familiar with basic principles, he/she moves into a position where he/she can apply his/her insights with confidence.  If an artist is not expert in the fundamentals he/she cannot take advantage of the urge to experiment and improvise.

As this change in student writers waits to occur, they will develop writing skills that will easily transfer to the demands of other subjects, for example, social studies, research reports, essays, and literary analyses, to name a few.
They will engage in collaborative writing that will improve their time management, research techniques and synthesizing abilities.  Verbal communication will improve, and contacts and networking opportunities will evolve as they mature into this world of academia.